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We’ll create tools to suit your needs!

Its easy to find out-of-the-box solutions on today’s market. However if you look closer it often happens, that they are not user friendly or far too complicated for everyday use.
They have a lot of options but usually not the one you need.
In consequence of broad functionality you receive oversized prices and lack of satisfaction.

From our experience, customer expects solutions and instruments that will have functionality he needs, with farthest capability of extension, for price adequate to work efforts to create it. Certainly, in shortest possible and predictable time.

Our company produces software using industry standard components as a foundation. Such components are already checked in working systems. We aim to deliver software that suits individual requirements for price being result of edition of work, honestly and professionally.




We've created an intranet application (MVC), and the reporting program (WinForms) concerning ownership of the equipment issued to employees for Roche Polska.


We have finished implementation of the "Phoenix" for Roche Polska. Application registers and monitors various data concerning undesirable drug effects.


We have integrated and started the eCommerce site Elegantis using nopCommerce technology for Femko company.


We are continously expanding functionalities of the "Mixer" application for the Roche Polska.


Using our Uniwersalis system we performed a successful service of cataloging more than 10,000 items of fixed assets at HSBC Services Delivery - Polska company. For the stocktaking we used just three Windows 8 tablets running our software, additionally equipped with wireless scanners.


We have completed the implementation of the "Spot" program. "Spot" registers broad range of Roche Polska research data for future retrieval and edition.


We launched the "Mixer" program at Roche Polska. The program imports the information about the sale of drugs at warehouses and integrates data in diverse formats with in-house data format. The combined data in the form of Analisys Services cubes are used for further analysis within the company.


Beta version of Uniwersalis ported from VB.Net to C# / DevExpress is ready.


Settlement system "Bonviva" began to work. The system consists of web applications, web services for data exchange and an extensive administration desktop program for management and data analisis. System works with SQL Server and SAP databases.