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ADO SP Code Tool

Template driven program for generating vb code from SQL-Server stored procedures.

You can:
  • Open/Edit connection to reach your SQL-Server database and display list of Stored Procedures.
  • Open/Save code template (two included).
  • Generate template based code.
  • Redefine type conversion.
  • Insert predefined token into template.

Dostępne tokeny:
Token Meaning
%SP_NAME% Stored Procedure Name
%DATE% Creation Date
%FOR_EACH_PARAM% Begining of for each parameter loop
%NEXT% End of for each parameter loop
%P_NAME% ADO parameter name
%P_TYPE% ADO parameter type
%P_LEN% ADO parameter lenght
%P_DIR% ADO parameter direction
%P_VBNAME% *VB parameter name
%P_VBTYPE% *VB parameter type
%P_VBNULL% *VB parameter null value
%INLINE% Begining of inline vb-script code
%END_INLINE% End of inline vb-script code
%CLEAN_COMMA% Remove last comma from list

* User defined

   ADO 2.6
   No support or help is available.
   Add the attached AVESPCode.reg file to the registry before use.