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This class extends standard Textbox capabilities.

  • Input constrains (letters, numbers, numbers and letters)
  • Automatic capitals on first letter or whole text
  • Usuwanie poprzedzających i kończących spacji
  • Leading and trailing spaces removal
  • Double spaces removal
  • Full select on focus
  • Select next control on return
  • Select next control on maxlength limit


Dim atName As New clsAutoText
Dim atNumber As New clsAutoText

Private Sub Form_Load()
   With atName
        Set .txt = Text1
        .AlfaConstrain = amAlfa
        .AllCapital = True
        .TrimSpace = True
        .NoDSpace = True
        .SelectOnFocus = True
        .TabOnEnter = True
    End With

    With atNumber
        Set .txt = Text2
        .AlfaConstrain = amNumeric
        .SelectOnFocus = True
        .TabOnEnter = True
    End With
End Sub