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Uniwersalis Inventory Management (IM) is a computer system used for the comprehensive management, registering and control of an enterprise resources. On an ongoing basis, in a simple and fast way, gives you the knowledge about the state of any component of the company's assets and its related events.

Uniwersalis IM – system to record and manage information about:

  • Cars
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Multimedia equipment
  • Appliances
  • Furnitures
  • Any other item of property

Uniwersalis IM is a

  • Complete operation of all assets of the company
  • Comprehensive description of assets elemets
  • Comprehensive description of events associated with assets
  • Easy and fast inventory
  • Cross-reporting
  • Fast and flexible search
  • Data security
  • Possible work on tablets
Flexible definition of items characteristics
Uniwersalis IM – gives you the freedom of defining types of assets and related events..

Each asset element is described by properties. Uniwersalis IM allows you to define any number of properties that, if necessary, can easily be redefined again.

Examples of properties includes: model name, price, date of purchase, the warranty period, the person responsible, IMEI (GSM), the PUK number (GSM), the number of RAM (PC) or address path to the network or the website resource where the owner's manual for corporate coffee maker resides.
Binary Large Objects (BLOBS) like pictures, manuals or any other electronic documents can also by stored as the asset property.

Event tracking
User decides if known from everyday life company events, will be reflected in the system. Delivery of a cell phone, change of current car user, transfer of a PC to a new employee, or sending a microwave oven to service - all these events assigned to the corresponding items of the property, can be esily defined and stored in the system.
By user request, standarized documents can be created for further archivisation when event occurs.

Thanks to events Uniwersalis IM remembers the history of properties changes of the individual elements. This makes possible for instant access to information not only about the item's current state, but also about what the state was. Answers to questions: „For what assets was responsible John Smith a year ago?”, „Give a list of all users of a particular laptop over the past two years” or „How many times and when the mobile phone was serviced” are obtained immediately, without the need for tedious documents browsing.
Mobile devices

Uniwersalis IM is also a quick and easy inventory system with access to information anywhere, anytime. Thanks to support of PocketPC mobiles and Windows 8 tablets equiped with barcode readers, user can easily make physical stocktaking or read all the information that has been previously registered in the system, even in off-line mode. All this, in a graphical interface already known from desktop computers.

For inventory purposes program supports barcodes definitions and printouts.

The functionality of the Uniwersalis IM completes with reports, and a quick search based on a flexible and dynamically constructed filters. This allows you to instantly find an interesting piece of property or an appropriate event.

System requirements: Universalis system operates on the Microsoft SQL 2005 or later database server. The user application requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or Microsoft Windows 2003 server or later. The mobile application requires PocketPC class device running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or later, as an alternative Windows 8 tablet version is prepared.